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Thailand’s Unexpected Economic Contraction: Can the Government’s New Stimulus Scheme Resurrect the Economy?

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Thai Prime Minister considers funding options to boost economy with $13.7 billion handout plan

In a surprising turn of events, the Thai economy unexpectedly contracted in the final quarter of 2023, leading to a full-year growth rate of 1.9%, lower than the 2.5% growth seen in 2022. Despite this setback, the government remains committed to boosting the economy and has announced a proposed handout scheme worth 500 billion baht ($13.7 billion) that could provide a much-needed stimulus.

The “digital wallet” scheme involves transferring 10,000 baht ($275) to 50 million Thais within six months, with the aim of spurring spending and stimulating economic growth. However, concerns about its funding have been raised, with some experts calling it fiscally irresponsible. The government had initially aimed to distribute the funds by May but now anticipates doing so in the fourth quarter of the year due to unforeseen challenges in finding alternative funding options.

Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has emphasized the importance of boosting the economy, especially given the low growth rates experienced over the past decade. One potential option for financing this scheme is through borrowing from foreign investors or securing a loan from international financial institutions such as the World Bank or International Monetary Fund (IMF). Another option is through issuing debt securities on capital markets or tapping into existing savings by domestic households and businesses. However, discussions about funding sources for this handout scheme will be held at an upcoming meeting on April 10th where more details will be finalized.

Despite differing opinions on how best to finance this scheme, both Srettha and central bank governor agreed that urgent measures were needed to stimulate economic growth and address challenges facing Thailand’s economy.

The state planning agency has revised its 2024 growth forecast downwards between 2.2% and 3.2%, reflecting growing uncertainty surrounding global economic trends and political instability in Thailand itself.

Overall, while there are many uncertainties surrounding Thailand’s future economic trajectory, it is clear that action must be taken if Thailand hopes to maintain its long-term viability as a major regional player in Southeast Asia’s fast-growing economies.

By Samantha Nguyen

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