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The Importance of Volunteer Coaches in Shaping the Future of Youth Sports: A Community-Focused Approach

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 2, 2024
Youth Sports in Need of More Coaches as Participation Increases

As the new sports season begins, there is a growing demand for volunteer coaches across various communities. Kim Kendall, who spends countless hours training her son in basketball at Hester Community Center in Boynton Beach, is one of many parents who recognize the importance of sports in both skill development and bonding between parents and children.

Kendall emphasizes the impact that youth coaches have on kids, providing them with structure, support, and belief in their abilities. Todd Johnson, administrator of Boynton Beach’s youth sports programs, agrees and stresses the need for backup coaches to ensure smooth operations for the upcoming season. The demand for coaches is high as more children participate in sports like soccer and baseball.

In Palm Beach Gardens, Manolo Calvo, president of the Palm Beach Gardens Youth Athletic Association, also recognizes the need for volunteer coaches. He stresses the role that parent volunteers play in running recreational sports and allowing the organization to operate at low costs for families. However, with a growing number of children participating in sports like soccer and baseball, Calvo acknowledges that keeping up with the increasing interest in youth sports and ensuring that children have access to quality coaching and support is a challenge.

Overall, volunteer coaches play a vital role in shaping young athletes both on and off the field. They provide structure, support

By Samantha Nguyen

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