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This wild ‘Succession’ theory proves that almost everything is sports


May 26, 2023

I have no notion who’s going to come out on major as Logan Roy’s successor at Waystar Royco when the series finale of Succession airs on Sunday. But thanks to this TikTok, I’ve got my suspicions. I’ve got my f***ing suspicions.

Buckle up, due to the fact this one particular went in a path I did not anticipate.

Situations can surely be created for Kendall Roy, Roman Roy, or Siobhan Roy to take more than as CEO. They’re Logan’s youngsters. Kendall and Roman every are extremely entitled, exhibit powerful failson tendencies and are commonly hot messes, but they do at least have C-suite expertise at Waystar Royco, and of course Kendall’s name was written (and perhaps crossed out? But perhaps not) on that piece of paper the senior leadership group identified in Logan’s secure soon after he passed. Shiv does lack corporate expertise, but she is brilliant and ruthless and has masterfully worked her partnership with Lukas Mattsen to hold herself in the mix.

There are even theories floating about that failed presidential candidate and oldest son Connor could get the nod, or that the crown could be handed to bumbling Cousin Greg, which — let’s be genuine — would be the most hilarious attainable outcome. Tom Wambsgans’ name surely comes up in these conversations, but I hadn’t seriously regarded as him as a contender till I saw this TikTok.

This show was the 1st time I’d heard of any one named Wambsgans. I really should have asked my dad, who does not watch Succession, but is a lifelong Cleveland baseball fan with an encyclopedic memory for baseball trivia. He could have told me about Bill Wambsganss, who played second base for the Indians from 1914 by means of 1926.

What’s intriguing about Wambsganss in relation to Succession is the greatest play he ever created — the only unassisted triple play in Planet Series history.

In Game five of the 1920 Planet Series, in the fifth inning, Clarence Mitchell of the Brooklyn Robins hit a line drive to second, which Wambsganss caught for the out. He stepped on the base to retire Pete Kilduff, and he tagged Otto Miller out on Miller’s way to second.

Our buddies at DraftKings Sportsbook gave Shiv the finest odds to develop into the new CEO at +250. Kendall’s proper behind her at +300, Roman is at +800, and Connor Roy is at +1200. Tom shows up fifth on the list with +2000 odds.

Tom Wambsgans will will need an unassisted triple play, sending Shiv, Kendall, and Roman to the dugout, if he’s going to step into Logan’s pretty high-priced footwear. We’ll obtain out on Sunday if his name truly is a nod to Bill Wambsganss’ significant Planet Series play.

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