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Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an option planet launches July 13 for Switch in Japan, July 14 for Computer, and later for PS5 and PS4


Mar 15, 2023

Touhou Shinsekai: Longing for an option planet will launch for Switch on July 13 in Japan, followed by Computer by way of Steam on July 14, and PlayStation five and PlayStation four at a later date, publisher Marvelous and developer Ankake Spa announced.

The Switch version will be offered each physically and digitally, priced at four,980 yen for the common edition and 7,980 yen for the restricted edition. The PlayStation five, PlayStation four, and Computer versions will be digital-only.

The restricted edition will contain a copy of the game, particular box featuring an illustration by benitama, an original arrange soundtrack CD, and a visual book featuring artwork by benitama, shu-halle, and far more.

Additionally, a Marvelous Shop Exclusive Set will also be offered for 13,178 yen, which contains every little thing from the restricted edition, plus a Yukari Yakumo B2-size blanket (515mm x 728mm) and acrylic figure (character: W103mm x H150mm, stand: W60mm x H40mm).

Right here is an overview of the game, by way of Marvelous:


The second Touhou Project fan game from doujin circle Ankake Spa. This is a “bullet hell action RPG” in which you will dodge storm-like barrages of bullets to defeat enemies. And it will function a lot of familiar inhabitants from the Touhou Project planet of Gensokyo!

Bullet Hell x Action RPG

Appreciate exhilarating action in which you will dash and jump via storm-like barrages of bullets, and eradicate enemies with super flashy attacks.

Use “skills” such as extended-variety attacks with amulets or a strong blow with a purification rod, “spell guards” that deal enormous harm and turn the tide of battle, “guards” that, when properly-timed, can defend against close-variety attacks and slow down the enemy to face off against formidable foes that fire off enormous barrages of bullets.

Additional Than 30 Familiar Faces

More than 30 familiar characters from the Touhou Project series will seem. In addition to protagonists Reimu Hakurei, maiden of Hakurei Shrine, and Marisa Kirisame, an ordinary magician who lives in the Forest of Magic, a lot of other exceptional characters will also seem, such as Sumireko Usami, a girl with a powerful admiration for the planet of Gensokyo residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion and inhabitants of the Moon.

Take on Sub-Quests in the Globe of Gensokyo

Discover several fields such as The Fairy Forest, Ice Cavern, and Blazing Hell, and take on sub-quests provided to you by humans, hermits, and fairies. There are all sorts of sub-quests, such as browsing for a missing individual, investigating uncommon incidents, mock battles with combat marionettes, and far more. By clearing these sub-quests, you can acquire upgrade gems that can be made use of to boost your stats, as properly as uncommon gear that will aid you out in battle.

Watch a new trailer under.

Official Trailer

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