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Troy Smith’s Quest to Promote Mental Health Awareness Through Football: Breaking the Stigma and Encouraging Young Athletes

BySamantha Nguyen

May 28, 2024
Former Ohio State Quarterback Troy Smith Uses Football to Raise Awareness for Mental Health

Troy Smith, the former Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback who won the 2006 Heisman Trophy, remains active in the football community even after retiring almost 15 years ago. Through organizations like “Vertical University,” Smith uses football as a platform to teach young athletes about the importance of prioritizing their mental well-being.

Smith’s mission to promote mental health awareness is personal. He openly admits that managing his own mental health was one of the most challenging aspects of his football career. Navigating through emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, and feelings of abandonment taught him firsthand the importance of addressing mental health struggles and breaking down the stigma surrounding them.

Recently, Smith hosted “The Midwest’s Best” camp at Elyria Catholic High School in northern Ohio, where he was joined by fellow football stars like Ted Ginn Jr. and Antonio Pittman. In addition to football drills and training, the camp also focused on teaching values such as manners and respect. Smith emphasized the importance of incorporating mental health discussions into sports and daily life, as it is often overlooked but crucial for overall well-being.

Smith believes that starting mental health conversations at a young age is crucial for developing healthy habits that will benefit individuals throughout their lives. By encouraging children to express their feelings and emotions early on, he hopes to empower them to address their mental health needs when necessary and seek help if needed.

In conclusion, Troy Smith continues to use football as a platform to promote mental health awareness by encouraging young athletes to prioritize their well-being. Through organizations like “Vertical University,” he shares his personal experiences with managing his own mental health struggles and breaks down the stigma surrounding them. By starting conversations at a young age, Smith hopes to empower individuals with healthy habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.

By Samantha Nguyen

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