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TV duel between Schlein and Meloni as FI slows down; M5s sends letter to Agcom

BySamantha Nguyen

May 16, 2024
TV duel between Schlein and Meloni as FI slows down; M5s sends letter to Agcom

A week after the televised confrontation between Giorgia Meloni and Elly Schlein, concerns about the unequal conditions of the duel are growing. The opposition, led by the Five Star Movement, is raising their voices, as well as doubts from the majority, including the secretary Antonio Tajani. Both Meloni and Schlein agree that the televised duel will help citizens make informed decisions about the upcoming elections. Schlein believes that it will showcase two opposing visions of Europe, while Meloni sees it as a way to assist voters in making a choice.

The Five Star Movement is leading the charge against the format of the two-way debate. Barbara Floridia, the president of the Rai Supervisory Commission, has written to the top management of the public service and AgCom requesting equal treatment for all participants in the European elections. The Green Alliance and the Left also oppose the confrontation, while Matteo Renzi expressed regret at not being able to directly confront Forza Italia’s leader.

Tajani argues that a true American-style debate with all party leaders on stage would be more appropriate for the European elections, as it is a proportional representation system with multiple parties involved. Carlo Calenda and Riccardo Magi also criticize the two-way confrontation, accusing Meloni and Schlein of defrauding voters by distorting the representation of the electoral cycle. Magi urges the contenders to avoid the two-way confrontation and promote debates between all lists instead.

By Samantha Nguyen

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