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Twelve Palestinians Drown in Tragic Aid Drop Incident, Highlighting Ongoing Crisis in Gaza Strip

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
12 people are reported to have drowned off the coast of Gaza following the discontinuation of aid

On Monday afternoon, twelve Palestinians tragically drowned in the sea while attempting to retrieve aid supplies dropped from planes off the coast of Gaza Strip. According to Hamas’s media office, the packages had fallen into the water near a beach in the northern part of the coastal region. Unfortunately, some of those who attempted to reach the packages were unable to swim and others became entangled in ropes that secured them together.

The incident has sparked outrage and concern among international leaders who have been working tirelessly to deliver aid supplies to the region. The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has led to a significant shortage of basic necessities for civilians living in Gaza Strip for over five months. Aid deliveries are scarce as Israel keeps its border crossings closed, making it difficult for relief goods to be transported by land.

In an effort to address this crisis, countries such as the United States, Jordan, and Germany have been conducting relief supply drops from military aircraft for over a month. However, aid organizations emphasize that an airlift cannot replace transportation by land and can cause unintended consequences such as increased security risks and potential damage to infrastructure.

The conflict was sparked by a horrific massacre carried out by terrorists from Hamas and other extremist Palestinian organizations on October 7th near Israel’s border with Gaza Strip. As tensions continue to escalate, there is no end in sight for this devastating humanitarian crisis that has left countless families displaced and struggling for survival.

By Samantha Nguyen

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