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Two restaurants in Marshall County cited for wellness violations


Sep 17, 2023
Two restaurants in Marshall County cited for wellness violations

Two Marshall County restaurants lately received violations from the Iowa Division of Inspections and Appeals in the course of routine inspections performed on September eight. Lillie Mae Chocolates, positioned at 217 N. 13th St., was cited for two violations. Initially, employee reporting agreements have been not accessible in the meals truck having said that, the problem was resolved when copies of the agreements have been obtained from the 13th Street District place. Moreover, there have been no written procedures in spot for the clean-up of vomit and diarrhea in the meals truck. This concern was addressed following copies of the procedures have been obtained from the shop. It is worth noting that Lillie Mae’s had previously received 3 violations back in November 2020.

A different restaurant in Marshall County, Pitchfork, positioned at 2925 Cost Way in Laurel, was also cited for numerous violations. Firstly, staff have been not informed of their responsibilities with regards to symptom and diagnosis reporting. Moreover, an employee handled a money payment with gloved hands, disposed of the gloves, and then place on a fresh pair without the need of washing their hands. The meals inspector intervened, and the employee followed right process thereafter. In addition, sausages that have been ready in the morning had a temperature of 60 degrees in the afternoon, which led to their disposal. It was also found that pickle wraps in the refrigerator had a temperature of 49 degrees, and watermelon puree sauce had a temperature of 51 degrees. According to Iowa code, these meals things will have to be stored at 41 degrees or cooler when not getting ready. Lastly, the handwashing sink at Pitchfork did not have operating water, but a short-term hand washing station was set up to address this problem. It is worth mentioning that Pitchfork had previously received a single violation in November 2022 and a different violation in September 2022.

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