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UAE’s Banking Sector Shines in January 2024 with 1.512 Trillion Dirhams in Transactions

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 3, 2024
Transfers totaling 1.51 trillion dirhams between banks and individuals in the Emirates during January 2024

The UAE banking sector recorded a staggering 1.512 trillion dirhams in transfers carried out through the UAE Financial Transfer System (UAEFTS) in January 2024. Of this total, a massive 973.69 billion dirhams were bank-to-bank transfers, while an impressive 538.94 billion dirhams were customer-to-customer transfers.

Compared to January 2023, the value of transfers increased by 24.43% to reach an impressive 1.215 trillion dirhams, showcasing the continued growth of the country’s banking sector. Developed by the Central Bank in August 2001, the UAEFTS is the primary transfer system in the country that facilitates instant fund transfers between entities.

Meanwhile, Central Bank statistics reveal that clearing checks using images totaled 109.47 billion dirhams in January 2024, with a whopping 1.96 million cheques settled through the check clearing system during that month.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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