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Unearthing the Past: Rediscovering the Majestic Ramses II and Unveiling New Horizons in Online Gambling

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 2, 2024
Massive statue of Pharaoh Ramses the Great discovered in Egypt

A team of American-Egyptian archaeologists has unearthed a massive statue of pharaoh Ramses II in Egypt, standing at a height of seven meters in total. The top part of the statue, approximately 3.8 meters high, depicts the pharaoh seated. This discovery was made by a team of American-Egyptian archaeologists who have been working in Egypt for several years.

Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, ruled Egypt for an impressive 66 years as the third pharaoh of the 19th dynasty. His reign was stable and prosperous, making him one of the most significant rulers of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt. He is known for his military campaigns and extensive building projects. His mummy was found near Luxor in 1881 and was previously housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo before being relocated to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in 2021.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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