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Unusual Business Deal: Don Hankey Assists Donald Trump with $1 Million Loan in Fraud Trial Amid Political Leanings

BySamantha Nguyen

Apr 4, 2024
The individual providing Donald Trump with the bail bond: who is Don Hankey?

Don Hankey, a wealthy individual with a net worth of $23.4 billion, has stepped in to offer financial assistance to former US President Donald Trump following his conviction in a fraud trial. Hankey, who has built his fortune through various business ventures including car loans, is involved in credit companies, real estate, and insurance. His company, the Hankey Group, also has a stake in Axos Bank.

Despite his significant wealth and political leanings, 80-year-old Don Hankey has not been a prominent figure in politics. However, he has donated to politicians from both the Republican and Democratic parties in the past. Despite this, Hankey insists that he is not a fan of Trump but views his loan as a good business opportunity. He provided Trump with a loan of $1 million to post bail after a court ordered him to pay $175 million following his fraud conviction.

The judge’s ruling in the civil case found that Donald Trump and others associated with his company committed commercial fraud by inflating the value of Trump properties to gain financial benefits. The court ordered Trump to pay $464 million to the state of New York with interest. Hankey expressed frustration with the court’s decision, citing common practices in the real estate industry.

Don Hankey’s involvement in assisting Trump is not unprecedented. His company, Axos Bank, reportedly provided a loan of $225 million to the Trump Organization in 2022 when other lenders pulled out due to Trump’s role in the Capitol riot. The bank’s president approved the loan based on financial considerations rather than political motivations. Overall, Hankey’s actions are viewed as business decisions rather than political statements.

Trump’s legal team had speculated that bankruptcy could be an option following his conviction; however, it appears that Don Hankey’s loan has allowed him to avoid this fate for now.

In conclusion, Don Hankey’s actions are seen as purely business decisions and not political statements despite his support for Donald Trump in the past. His significant wealth and connections have allowed him to provide financial assistance when needed without risking his reputation or future prospects.

By Samantha Nguyen

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