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Venezuela Elections: A Clash Between Fascism and Democracy in a Region Plagued by Political Instability

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 26, 2024
Maduro dismisses opponents as mere pawns in US politics

In recent years, the Venezuelan regime has been facing criticism from the opposition, led by Nicolás Maduro. The dictator of Venezuela and Chavismo’s candidate for the upcoming presidential elections on July 28, has accused the opposition of being pawns in a game orchestrated by the United States to take control of Venezuela. He has accused them of inciting violence and seeking to destabilize the country through various means.

Maduro has emphasized the destructiveness of the opposition’s actions over the past five years, pointing to their calls for sanctions, blockades, and even invasion of their own country. He characterized them as the embodiment of a failed past and lack of hope, accusing them of neglecting the best interests of the Venezuelan people.

In response to past protests against Maduro’s government that were met with harsh repression by Chavismo, the Venezuelan regime recently announced the creation of a commission to draft a bill against fascism and neo-fascist expressions in politics and national life. This move comes in an attempt to address concerns about political freedom and human rights abuses under Maduro’s leadership.

Despite obstacles faced by the opposition in registering their candidate, historian Yoris, chosen to represent the new opposition, they have requested an extension for the nomination period to rectify violations that occurred during the process. Several Latin American countries have signed a statement urging Venezuela to allow Yoris to register and have expressed concerns about transparency in upcoming electoral process.

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By Samantha Nguyen

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