• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Video: Author elaborates on the rationale behind why Kim Jong Un’s sister is deemed the “most hazardous lady in the world”


Sep 19, 2023
Video: Author elaborates on the rationale behind why Kim Jong Un’s sister is deemed the “most hazardous lady in the world”

In a current interview, author Sung-Yoon Lee sheds light on why Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, is thought of the “most hazardous lady in the globe.” With the ongoing war in Ukraine, Russia seems to be looking for help from North Korea in terms of armament. Offered this context, Kim Jong Un is set to meet with President Putin in Russia quickly. Lee delves into the dynamics of the Kim dynasty and gives insight into what the future could hold for the reclusive nation.

Kim Yo Jong, who is becoming groomed to succeed her brother, has swiftly risen to turn into the most influential lady in North Korea. She at the moment oversees the regime’s propaganda division and has taken on a important part in shaping the country’s foreign policy. Lee’s new book, titled “The Sister,” delves into the information of Kim Yo Jong’s outstanding ascension and provides a complete evaluation of her growing energy and influence.

By way of his book, Lee aims to dissect the intricacies of the Kim dynasty and give an understanding of the prospective implications of Kim Yo Jong’s rise to energy. With her prominent position and involvement in each domestic and international affairs, Lee argues that Kim Yo Jong poses a important threat not only to North Korea’s adversaries but also to the stability of the globe order.

As the author additional explores Kim Yo Jong’s trajectory, he reveals how her pivotal part and involvement in the regime’s propaganda efforts have granted her immense influence more than the country’s population. In addition, her developing involvement in shaping the foreign policy of North Korea highlights her capability to exert handle and make choices with far-reaching consequences.

By examining the rise of Kim Yo Jong, Sung-Yoon Lee invites readers to critically analyze the future of North Korea and the prospective ramifications of her leadership. As the nation’s most potent lady and a essential figure in shaping its policies, Kim Yo Jong’s actions and choices will undoubtedly have a important effect on the country’s outlook and its relations with the international neighborhood. By way of “The Sister,” Lee gives readers with important insights into the complexities of North Korea’s energy dynamics and the prospective dangers linked with Kim Yo Jong’s ascension to energy.