• Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

WhatsApp introduces new feature to protect users from phishing scams


Feb 12, 2024
WhatsApp Launches Enhanced Security Feature to Guard Users Against Phishing Scams | Technology Update

Phishing scams are a growing concern, with millions of people falling victim to them and losing valuable information. These scams are becoming increasingly common on popular instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, making it difficult for users to protect themselves from fraudulent messages.

To address this issue, Meta has introduced a new feature to WhatsApp that allows users to quickly block contacts without having to open the message first. This feature is a significant improvement over previous versions of the app, which required users to manually click on each message in order to block it.

In addition to the new blocking feature, WhatsApp is also providing its users with education on how to identify phishing attempts. Users should be cautious when receiving messages that contain spelling or grammar errors, links that ask for personal information or financial details, or requests for users to forward messages. By educating their users about these types of scams, WhatsApp hopes to reduce the number of people who fall victim to them.

Phishing and smishing attacks are becoming more prevalent as cybercriminals look for new ways to target large numbers of people through instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp. With over 2.78 billion users globally, it’s easy for hackers to target a wide audience with their fraudulent messages. To combat this threat, WhatsApp has introduced features such as silent unknown numbers and the ability to report suspicious accounts directly from the app. These features allow WhatsApp’s algorithmic intelligence systems analyze and permanently delete fraudulent accounts, helping keep its user base safe from malicious activity.

The latest version of WhatsApp now allows users to quickly block a message from an unknown number without having to open the app by giving them an option on their lock screen: reply and add the contact or block and report the number. This new feature streamlines a previously tedious process and makes it easier for users to protect themselves from unwanted contacts.

Overall, this new feature is a positive step from Meta in addressing phishing scams on WhatsApp by giving its users an easy way

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