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Wingspan Addresses Payroll Woes Brought by Gig Economy, Raises $14 Million from 186 Ventures and Other folks


Mar 20, 2023

Anthony Mironov

As the gig economy grew larger and larger, Wingspan founders Anthony Mironov and Greg Franczyk, a former Google Cloud engineer who also was chief architect of The Washington Post’s digital platform, say they had been convinced that it necessary a new payroll program to reduce out wasteful administrative charges.

“The shift toward a freelance economy was intended to reduce overhead and maximize flexibility, but it has also ended up developing an administrative crisis,” stated Wingspan CEO Anthony Mironov, a veteran in investment banking and private equity, immediately after the New York startup raised $14 million in a Series A round. “We constructed Wingspan to catch up with the Zeitgeist,” he added.

The round was led by Andreessen Horowitz. Other current investors who participated in the round consist of Boston’s 186 Ventures, New York’s Distributed Ventures, San Francisco’s Extended Journey Ventures, Michigan-primarily based Ludlow Ventures, and the founders of Warby Parker, Harry’s, Allbirds, TubeMogal and Catalant. So far, Wingspan has raised $23.five million from investors.

$1 Trillion Coming from Gig Workers

These days, one particular in 3 American workers is an independent contractor, and collectively these freelancers contribute far more than a trillion dollars a year to GDP, Wingspan stated, citing a 2022 study. Even so, there is nevertheless no program of record to integrate these legions of workers with corporations, and areas a “wasteful” administrative burden on contractors and corporations alike, say Wingspan’s founders.

“By rationalizing the method by way of workflow automation, Wingspan is freeing up time and work for the pursuit of actual, inventive enterprise,” stated Mironov. As Mironov told TechCrunch, Wingspan has constructed an “all-in-one particular platform,” consolidating a number of components. This, he stated, areas Wingspan ahead of rivals who deal with “bits and pieces.”

“The Wingspan group definitely understands the myriad challenges facing corporations and independent contractors when it comes to timely payments and positive aspects accessibility,” stated Andreessen’s common companion, David Ulevitch, who was previously an executive at Cisco. Ulevitch believes the “future of operate is currently right here,” and Wingspan is prepared to leverage that chance.

Wingspan’s application is totally free for contractors. Organizations spend something from $500 onwards, based on size and characteristics. Wingspan says its application can save corporations $240 per contractor and ten hours in time per week. With far more than 20,000 members and hundreds of enterprise clientele, Wingspan expects contractor payments on its platform to exceed $1 billion by the finish of 2023.

186 Ventures Focuses on Early-stage

Boston-primarily based 186 Ventures, named for light’s speed of 186,000-miles per second, was established in 2019 by Giuseppe Stuto, previously the founder of a video neighborhood referred to as Fam, and Julian Fialkow, a former DraftKings executive and founding group member of a venture unit referred to as Drive by DraftKings. Each serve as managing partners.

186 Ventures focuses on pre-seed and seed investments. In 5 years given that its inception, 186 Ventures’ portfolio has grown to 30-plus.

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