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Young Innovators Shine at 15th Annual Horry County Schools Technology Fair

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 27, 2024
Annual HCS Technology Fair sees participation from over 1,200 students

The 15th annual technology fair hosted by Horry County Schools was held in Myrtle Beach, with over 1,200 students from 53 schools participating. The event showcased projects related to robotics, Rubik’s Cubes, drones, and esports. More than 700 projects were submitted for STEM competitions, with over 120 volunteers helping out and judging the entries. One standout project was created by 2nd grader Abraham Shelton, who built a robot called Robotic Genius in just three months. The robot can move by itself using measurements and Bluetooth programs, and Shelton plans to continue building more robots in the future.

Ashley Gasperson, Horry County Schools Digital Communications Coordinator, founded the event and has a passion for technology. She expressed her excitement for the fair as it provides students with important life skills such as communication and problem-solving. The students’ talent and hard work were on display at the fair, and it was evident to see the community’s support and encouragement for their projects. HCS leaders mentioned the incredible growth of the fair over the years and hinted at possible expansion to state-level competitions in the future.

The event attracted a large number of attendees from different parts of Myrtle Beach who came to witness firsthand the innovative ideas presented by young tech enthusiasts. It was great to see how young students were able to apply their creativity and technical knowledge into practical projects that could potentially change our lives in the future. As we continue to advance in technology, it’s important that we encourage our youth to pursue careers in this field so that they can be equipped with the necessary skills to contribute positively towards society’s technological advancement.

In conclusion, it’s clear that Horry County Schools is committed to providing its students with opportunities to develop their technical skills through events like this one. With continued support from both students and community members alike, we can expect even more success for this event in years to come. Keep updated with WMBF News for any developments regarding this exciting event! Copyright 2024 WMBF All rights reserved

By Samantha Nguyen

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