• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Zadar Storm Wreaks Havoc: Cars Submerged, Flooded Roads


Nov 21, 2023

A powerful thunderstorm hit Zagreb last night, causing panic among the citizens. The aftermath of the storm brought heavy rain that flooded the streets throughout Dalmatia. Reports from Zadar indicate that all major roads in the city were submerged and cars were literally swimming. Boris Jović from JVP Zadar stated that they had multiple interventions due to basements being flooded with a significant amount of water as a result of the flash flood.

The flash flood caused severe damage to Zadar, leaving behind flooded roads and cars. The heavy rain also resulted in flooded basements in other areas of Dalmatia. Residents described the scene as one where cars were swimming in flooded streets, causing disruptions and chaos in the area.

Boris Jović from JVP Zadar shared that they had been involved in several interventions to address the flooded basements in their area. The large amount of water that entered these basements required immediate attention and clean-up efforts.

Overall, the heavy rain and resulting flooding affected not only Zadar but also other areas in Dalmatia. The destruction caused by this event highlights the importance of being prepared for extreme weather conditions and taking necessary measures to mitigate their effects on our communities.

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