• Wed. Nov 29th, 2023

Zagreb’s Shop Window Transports Visitors to a Tranquil Christmas Fantasy


Nov 21, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, the city’s streets are already beginning to take on a festive atmosphere with the first decorations being put up in the shop windows. One eagerly anticipated display is the carefully designed decorations in the window of artist Saša Šekoranja’s flower studio, located in Držislavova in Zagreb.

Each year, his window display features letters and greeting cards with good wishes, from which pigeons weave a wreath and carry them into the world. The warm ambiance of this art installation is further enhanced by flickering candles, gold printing on the letters, and roses dipped in wax.

The use of symbolic elements such as the pigeons carrying good wishes into the world adds depth and meaning to the display, making it more than just a collection of decorations but rather a thoughtful and artistic expression of the holiday spirit. This festive display captures the spirit of Advent and brings joy to those who pass by his window.

According to Šekoranja, everything in his window is white, gentle, and calm – just like in Gabi’s song “The first snow”. He puts thought and care into his design creating a sense of anticipation and excitement for those passing by. The combination of visual appeal and creativity makes this an addition worth seeing during Advent in Zagreb.

Overall, Saša Šekoranja’s flower studio window display is a beautiful and heartwarming addition to the festive atmosphere of Advent in Zagreb.

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