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Cultural Fusion in Bainbridge: Introducing Ritho Caribbean Spot and Ono Kine Local Grindz

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 28, 2024
Entrepreneurs introducing Asian and Haitian flavors to Bainbridge residents

In Bainbridge, two business owners are bringing a taste of the world to the town through their unique restaurants. Ritho Jean Louis, the manager and owner of Ritho Caribbean Spot, grew up cooking for his sisters in Haiti and brings a unique blend of flavors to the area. He explains how his journey to Bainbridge was influenced by the harvest seasons and a lack of traditional Haitian cuisine in the area.

Louis shares his story of coming to Bainbridge as a farm worker and realizing the absence of the food he grew up on. He saw an opportunity to introduce his culture’s dishes to the community and provide a taste of home to those missing it. Louis plans on hosting a corn festival to showcase his heritage alongside other members of the Haitian and Latino community.

Christine Vancamp, the owner of Ono Kine Local Grindz, is also bringing her Asian Fusion cuisine to Bainbridge. Inspired by her Korean grandparents and upbringing in Hawaii, she offers dishes like shoyu chicken, kalbi, and lumpia to customers. Vancamp’s restaurant at the Bainbridge Marina has become a popular spot for locals looking to try something new and authentic.

Both Louis and Vancamp are passionate about sharing their cultural heritage through food and providing a unique dining experience for the community. By offering Asian and Haitian cuisine in Bainbridge, they hope to introduce residents to new flavors and comfort food that they may not have experienced before. Their stories and dedication to their craft have brought diversity and international flair to the small town.

By Samantha Nguyen

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