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Daniel Kim Requires Third Location In Environmental Engineering At Regeneron International Science Fair – Los Alamos Reporter


May 26, 2023

Daniel Kim/Courtesy photo


Daniel Kim, a junior at Los Alamos Higher College, placed 3rd in Environmental Engineering at the 2023 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Dallas, Texas. His project, Engineered Underwater Car for Ocean Litter Mapping, was a single of 86 competing in this category.

“In my project, I engineered an underwater car to gather footage of the ocean, and a machine mastering personal computer plan to analyze the collected footage for ocean trash,” Daniel explained. “Using this tool, litter at all depths of the ocean can be tracked and mapped to help in cleanup efforts in the future. I tested my underwater car in neighborhood bodies and water, and validated my machine mastering plan applying various hours of open-sourced footage – detecting more than 170,000 pieces of trash off the coast of Japan.”

The ISEF draws higher college scientists from about the globe. This year’s winners shared almost $9 million in awards.

“ISEF was an practical experience as opposed to any other,” stated Daniel. “Being capable to connect to the leading minds all across the globe and make so quite a few new close friends seriously tends to make me excited about what the future has for science.”

In addition to participating in science fairs, Daniel is a member of the 2023 Stat Champion LAHS Track and Field group. He placed 2nd in the 300-meter hurdles at the state competitors. He also placed 2nd in the Supercomputing Challenge and garnered very first location in the New Mexico Junior Academy of Science  Paper Competitors, held in April in Socorro.

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