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Brooklyn Park Balloon Enterprise Requires Off Thanks to Hennepin County System


Mar 17, 2023

five:02 PM | Thursday, March 16, 2023

A Brooklyn Park woman’s balloon small business has actually taken off thanks in portion to a Hennepin County system.

Erin Aarestad is a benefactor of the system named Elevate Hennepin, which connects regional entrepreneurs to sources and advisors for cost-free.

The assistance Aarestad’s received has helped turn her dream and hobby into a complete-fledged small business.

Erin Aarestad Owner/Balloon Stylist at Balloon Fancy in Brooklyn Park.

Recognized as “The Balloon Lady,” Aarestad spends her week preparing balloons for her creations that grace graduation parties, infant showers, big group events and every little thing in among.

“It’s a fairly very good bang for your buck, in the sense that balloons take up a lot of space and add a lot of colour to a space,” stated Aarestad. 

Aarestad got into the balloon small business soon after realizing there was a niche that required to be filled.

“It was my daughter’s 7th birthday at the time,” stated Aarestad, “And I saw a balloon arrangement on Pinterest and loved it. And I named, and I couldn’t come across anybody locally to make it, so I stated okay, let me give it a attempt.”

Quickly she was acquiring lots of calls for her creations.

“It just has snowballed,” stated Aarestad. 

Aarestad at perform in her Brooklyn Park workplace.

When she realized that her side-hustle was blowing up, she was prepared for a profession-modify, but not certain about all the logistics to beginning a small business.

“I was a mortgage lender, so that is really the jump,” stated Aarestad.

That is exactly where Elevate Hennepin came in to support.

“People come to Elevate, and I support them as a WomenVenture small business consultant,” stated Tammy Dahlvang, “And they usually come with a actually very good thought. And they may possibly or may possibly not have a small business strategy, but they have the passion, or they have some thing that they want to do. So, I support them style a small business strategy.” 

Along with acquiring support constructing a small business strategy, Aarestad also worked with other advisors that supplied tax and legal know-how.

With the support, Aarestad has been capable to soar to new heights quicker.

She went complete-time this year with her small business, Balloon Fancy, thanks to the assistance.

“All of framework they are offering me with is placing me way ahead of exactly where I would be devoid of them,” stated Aarestad. 

Aarestad would like to open up a warehouse to retailer the balloons and space exactly where persons can choose up right here arrangements.

She is searching forward to continuing her connection with Elevate Hennepin as Balloon Fancy grows.

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