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Global Plastic Pollution: A Serious Threat to Environment and Human Health

BySamantha Nguyen

Mar 28, 2024
UN Treaty to Address Global Plastic Pollution Crisis

Plastic pollution is a global issue that has serious consequences for the environment, communities and human health. The problem arises when plastic breaks down into microplastics and nanoplastics, making it easy to spread worldwide. Each year, over 430 million tons of plastic are produced globally, but this number is expected to triple to 1.2 billion tons by 2060. This increase in production could lead to almost 4 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions, which would hinder efforts to reduce emissions and achieve net zero targets.

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) recognizes the severity of the problem and has taken steps to address it. The organization is currently working on a new treaty that aims to decrease plastic production and increase recycling efforts. The proposal has been submitted for negotiations and could potentially become a legally binding agreement by next year. This swift action is significant in the world of global environmental agreements, reflecting the urgent need to address plastic pollution and its impact on the planet.

Plastic pollution poses a threat not only to the environment but also to human health. Microplastics can enter our water supply and food chain, leading to negative health effects such as allergies, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Nanoplastics can also penetrate our skin, causing inflammation and other medical issues. It’s time for us all to take action in reducing our use of plastics and supporting efforts like those of UNEP in finding sustainable solutions

By Samantha Nguyen

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