• Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

We Have a New Globe Record 


Mar 17, 2023

Right after 40 hours in the water, more than 707 surfed waves, numerous wettie warmers, and more than $330,000 raised, former QS warrior and present CT trainer Blakey Johnson set the new planet record for the world’s longest surf.

From 1 AM Thursday, March 16, till five:07 PM on Friday, March 17, Blakey breezed by way of the unthinkable process that is the 40-hour session. Right after losing his father to suicide, Blakey applied his planet record try to acquire awareness for mental wellness. He also sought to raise funds for the Chumpy Pullin Foundation — a charity that honors the legacy of late Olympic snowboarder Alex “Chumpy” Pullin — and focuses on youth mental wellness. 

To retain him on target by way of the evening, coaching royalty Andy King and Jay ‘Bottle’ Thompson paddled out with Blakey to retain the spirits higher and the wave count up — extra than probably fighting for the inside as nicely. 

Blakey officially became the planet record holder for the world’s longest surf at 7:11 AM right after getting in the water for 30 hours and 11 minutes. By this time, he had caught 537 waves and had raised $218,130 for the Chumpy Pullin Foundation.

At this point, most persons would have stopped and named it a job nicely performed. Having said that, Blakey had other plans. “I’ve nonetheless got a job to do. I stated 40 hours, so I’ll go and get that,” he stated as he ran out for but a different ten hours in the ocean.

And, yep, he got it. 

About 50,000 spectators came out to cheer on the new planet record holder, such as Chumpy’s wife Ellidy. “Blakey and Chumpy each have that viking power and to assume about how a lot funds he’s raised for the foundation, I cannot think it.” 

Blakey’s brother, Ben, a different founder of the Chumpy Pullin Foundation, added, “You have no notion the chance this quantity of funds brings to the foundation. We now have an incredible platform that we will be in a position to push our mental wellness initiatives into the youth communities with Blakey as our part model.”  

Even the regional governments jumped in on the action. Each the key parties pledged $15000 donated if they are re-elected in the upcoming state poll.  

It all came to a close at five:07 Friday when Blakey hit 40 hours of surfing and caught 707 waves. By the time his loved ones embraced him at the shore, more than $330,000 had been raised. 

“He’s performed our dad proud,” Ben Johnson stated. 

Congratulations to our new planet record holder.